Pseudo Random Number Generator

Random Number Generators (RNG) are behind slot machines and other online casino games. The RNGs are what makes it so hard to win at online casinos. No matter how many times you play, your odds remain exactly the same.

The biggest thing to remember with RNGs is that they make your odds of winning at online casinos completely randomized. There is no longer such thing as waiting out a slot machine and having it payout because it is overdue to hit a big jackpot.

While you should not try to beat games that are 100% based on random numbers and luck, there are some casino games that require some skill. While they still use RNGs, you can improve your odds of winning at games like poker if you practice and improve your skills.

Brick and mortar casinos used to rely on card shuffling and manual work to randomize the odds. Now that casinos have shifted to online, technology now ensures odds are randomized.


RNGs and Slot Machines

Casinos like the carnival room rely on RNGs to help keep the odds random. What this means is that RNGs use technology that ensures every time you spin the wheel on a slot machine your odds of winning are exactly the same as they were the last time you spun the wheel. It does not mean if it is your first spin or your 1,000th, RNGs keep the odds even.

The biggest takeaway is that you should not chase a jackpot. If you enjoy playing online slots, great – continue to enjoy them! Just enjoy them in the moment and don’t get caught up thinking that you can win a lot of money if you just stick with it. Online slots are not a game of perseverance, they are a game of luck.

Pseudo Random Number Generator

Other Games Affected by RNGs

Roulette is another game controlled by RNGs. The RNGs behind roulette are usually certified by a third party ensuring the odds remain completely out of your control. Roulette is similar to slots in that you are essentially letting RNGs control your odds. You might think you have more control than slots since you can bet on red or black or a series of numbers, but the odds of actually landing on your selection are controlled by RNGs, meaning your odds are just as random as if you were playing slots.

Just about every online casino is affected by RNGs in some form or another. While they might not all be completely randomized as much as slot machines, you should know that anytime you play online casinos you are facing some pretty random odds of winning a big jackpot.

Pseudo Random Number Generator

Skill Games that don’t rely as much on RNGs

Fortunately, if you get a bit frustrated by the fact that most odds at online casinos are randomly controlled, there are a few games that you can play that require a little bit of skill. Some games have a blend of both randomization and skill required to beat the odds.

While card games like poker and blackjack do you use RNGs to control what cards you are dealt, what you do with those cards gives you a little control over the outcome of the game. A poker player with more skill than a beginner is going to have a better chance of winning with the same hand of cards as a beginner. Learning the ins and outs of poker can go a long way towards improving your odds even if the RNG gives you a bad hand of cards.

A word of caution when playing games like poker, you could have more skill than any poker player in the world, but that will not help you overcome a bad deck of cards. Sometimes you do in fact need to know when to fold and not push your luck. Don’t let a big ego get in the way of backing out of a game and saving some of your money; bring your ego out when you have a great hand and the skills to back it up.


How Brick and Mortar Casinos ensure Randomization

There’s no doubt that technology is more efficient at ensuring odds are randomized. Humans can only do so much, and technology fixes the element of human error. Card dealers used to have to manually shuffle cards to ensure they were mixed up. Eventually casinos progressed to having machines do the work at a casino, but even that is not as effective as the technology behind RNGs.

This matters for slot machines too. Slots at regular casinos used to have odds that changed the more you played on a slot machine. Back then, machines were in fact due for a big win. Machines were configured to pay out a certain amount of dollars every day or week, so you could play for a while knowing you were due to win. With online casinos, those odds change drastically. Machines are not programmed to give out a predetermined dollar amount, everything is completely randomized.


Story behind RNGs

Why do RNGs exist? The short answer is that online casinos were looking for a way to make sure the odds were not stacked in any particular direction. They wanted to make sure people win enough to keep coming back but not so much that the casinos themselves lose a lot of money.

Online casinos will also give out bonuses to customers to make them feel like they are getting extra value for the dollar, but in reality, the casinos are hoping that customers spend the bonus money chasing big jackpots that are elusive, causing them to eventually put more of their own money into the online casinos.

Casinos are running a business and their end game is to make as much money as possible. While they might give out a few handouts it is strictly to lure in more business and people who will spend more money thinking they can beat the odds. RNGs help even the playing field so the house and the player both win about the same amount.


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